King Insulation is a full service insulation company that offers services to residential and commercial customers. We have well trained and educated professional installer that have years of experience to handle any type of job. Our services cover installs, removals and clean ups. If you are ready for a reliable and professional insulation job then we are the company to call.

Attic Clean Up:
Our attic clean up services can be done on any residential home or commercial office will attic space. In many attics the insulation is almost nonexistent if not completely uninsulated. An attic is also a great place for rodents of any kind to set up their homes. This can lead to health concerns and noise that can be very disturbing when you are trying to sleep. We can clean up the nests, mess and debris that these critters leave behind and have your attic insulation ready in no time at all.

Wall Insulation:
If you are building a home or have a home that seems to never hold in the temperature that you want you need to have the insulation done right. Our wall insulation can be done several different ways depending on what will work best for you. We can have insulation blown in or layer in fiberglass insulation. Both options are great for heat and cooling control. The proper amount of insulation installed properly will ensure that you can save on energy.

Mold and Mildew:
Sometimes the insulation can become moldy or have mildew. This can happen when there is small leak that drips down a wall or runs through the attic and gets everything in its path wet. When the insulation gets wet it is a breeding ground for bacteria and for mold and mildew to grow. We offer an inspection service that can check for any bad insulation and replace it. If your walls have mold or mildew in them it can be dangerous for your health. It can also cause flare ups with asthma and allergies.

Energy Audit:
Our expert staff can also come to your location and check the current condition of your insulation. If it is deficient in any way we can offer to have the insulation removed and replaced. This can be where you are losing a large majority of energy each month. When the insulation is not good it means that they AC has to work harder. The AC unit is one of the top appliances that uses the energy in any home or office.