King Insulation & Specialty Services of California

Welcome to King Insulation! We are an insulation contractor that has been proudly serving California since 2008. We offer services that can keep your home or office insulated all year long. The benefits of a good insulation service can save on the amount of energy that you are using and also save you money. If your home has low insulation or maybe insulation that has become mold or mildew infested you need our services. We offer services that include clean outs where we can come out and remove old insulation. We offer insulation installation and can add new insulation to your homes walls, floors, attics or basements. We also offer clean out services for your attic. Many attics are left uncleaned and uninsulated. This can be a great place for rodents to make a home and cause heated or cooled air to escape your home.

ENERGY SAVER: When you are lacking in insulation you could be wasting energy and not even notice it. Insulation is what keeps your home the temperature you want. The air conditioning unit will heat or cool the home but that is where its job ends. The amount and quality of insulation that you have is what can hold that temperature. When you have proper insulation the air temperature in the home can stay where you want it longer without the assistance of the AC unit. This means that it is running less often and in turn saving energy and saving you money.

RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL: Our services are not just for your home. Many businesses offer a comfortable place to work and to have their potential customers feel comfortable. When the office cannot keep the temperature consistent is can send people out the door. Whether it is too cold in the winter or hot in the summer customers and patrons want to feel comfortable and as a business you want them to spend time in your business. When it comes to your home you want to allow your family members and guest a place they can come home from a long day at work or school and relax. The proper insulation can be what keeps both a residential and commercial place pleasant.

King Insulation will send out a technician that can check your current insulation status and offer advice on how to make it better. Call today for an appointment with a [professional technician today.